• New Anti-Buzzed Driving spot!

    I had a blast shooting the latest Anti-Buzzed Driving spot for Ad Council. I hope you enjoy too, and drive safe!

  • Conan sketch for Comic-Con

    Sometimes ridesharing doesn’t work out. Enjoy the new sketch for Conan!

  • Booking Announcement!

    My episode of “American Housewife” airs tonight 3/7 at 8:30pm on ABC!

  • Happy New Year!

    I’m happy to start 2017 out with an important campaign for Ad Council’s anti-drinking and driving. Please enjoy the first installment of the “Warning Sign” spots. And may your 2017 be filled with love, community, and joy.

  • Pilot Booking!

    Find out more about the shoot and other acting updates on News & Shows.

  • Acting Updates!

    I had the most fantastic time working on this show! Be sure to click on my reel to see me portray an eager 1960-something housewife.

  • Jennifer’s Film Reel

    Check out Jennifer’s latest Film reel and more on her Videos page!

  • Gallery

    Take a gander at my many looks of bewilderment in my website gallery. You’ll also find headshots and some other neat things.

  • Welcome!

    Benvenuto! I’m an actress, writer, and comedy lady living in Los Angeles who speaks conversational Italian bene. Please, click around the website to find out what I’ve got going on. Please note, this is no longer my hair color, but I’m still the same loving person inside.