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Wishing you and yours a wonderful Valentine’s Day…


You can now watch me get yelled at in a new Conan sketch for Comic-Con!


“American Housewife” Full Scene

Did you miss the episode? Not to worry. Watch full scene here:

AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE Clip from Jennifer DeFilippo on Vimeo.


“American Housewife” airs on 3/7 at 8:30pm!

I had a spectacular time working on this show. It’s one of the NICEST sets I’ve had the pleasure of working on. I hope you enjoy tonight’s episode as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

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New Ad Council Spots

I’m very happy to share the latest Anti-Buzzed Driving spot. It was an absolute blast shooting this one and it was quite the green screen achievement.

They also made some changes to the originally released spot, so take another gander and enjoy the new introduction and some fun little quips in this 1 minute spot.


Sync or Swim at UCB Franklin

Saturday night at midnight my dear funny friend Kristina Hayes and I will be lip syncing to one of your favorite songs from the 90s. Come watch and enjoy the music!

Sync or Swim Flyer


Booked an episode of ABC’s “American Housewife”

I was very lovingly welcomed to the set of “American Housewife” this week and cannot wait to see how it turns out. Stay tuned for an air date!

American Housewife


Anti-Buzz Driving Campaign

Please enjoy the first spot of the “Warning Sign” campaign to help stop buzzed driving.


Muse Literary Salon

Check out a brand new story on Saturday, July 16 at 8pm. It’s FREE and filled with lots of lovely folks. Details are below.



One Axe Plays & Pilot Light Show Part 2

I’ll once again be performing at the wonderful Women’s Center for Creative Work on Friday, June 24 at 8pm. The pilot is a dark comedy about a really cool girl dealing with life following the Rapture. Details are below!

Facebook Event Information Link


One Axe Plays & Pilot Light Show

I am very excited to be performing at the Women’s Center for Creative Work this Friday for their Pilot Light series. The details are below. Come drink beer with me by the LA River and watch a hilarious script be brought to life!

Friday, April 29 at 8pm at the Women’s Center For Creative Works

Event Information Link


Booked & Filmed a recurring role in the Matt Hubbard pilot, White Sheep for NBC!

I had an amazing time shooting the role of Kaye for NBC. It’s a hilarious and talented cast, and honestly, the kindest group of people to spend a late evening on set with.


First Commercial of 2016

I’m very happy to have shot a new commercial for a delicious product that goes in your coffee. Can you guess what it is? Probably not, but I’ll post about it once it hits the TV screens.


Voice Over Reel

Under the generous guidance of my dear friend Katie Von Till a.k.a. the voice of Snow White, I am happy to announce the completion of my voice over reel. Please have a listen and enjoy the 14 different characters that exited my mouth via my brain.


Masters of Sex this Sunday!

To say I am excited for this week’s episode is an understatement. I had a phenomenal time on set working with the cast and crew of Masters of Sex, and I hope it shows in the final edit.



Masters of Sex on Showtime

I was delighted to get to perform opposite Michael Sheen in Episode 3 of Season 3. I had a blast during the shoot and I can’t wait for you to see me portray Angela when the season premieres this July. Stay tuned for the official air date!

Jennifer plays Angela on Masters of Sex

New Girl on FOX

I was excited to shoot an episode of New Girl right after the new year. It was also the first time I got to drive a car while on set. It’s the little things that count. If you missed the episode, then check it out on iTunes or Hulu!

New Girl

Shameless on Showtime

Did you miss me on Showtime’s Shameless giving some sass to one of the Gallagher kids? Then log into your Showtime Anytime account and catch up! It was an absolute honor to be directed by William H. Macy. My parents were particularly excited since Wild Hogs is one of their favorite movies.

Shameless Production Still

The Murge at The Clubhouse

Catch me performing live with the nutballs cast of The Murge ensemble at the Clubhouse in Los Feliz every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 9:30pm!

What is The Murge? THE MURGE is pure, stripped down, no bullshit, live improvised comedy. It’s absurdly honest, stupidly beautiful, and offensively offensive. It represents a departure from traditional improv in that there are no forms to create structure and no walk-ons, tags or sweeps to protect scenes from failure. There are no rules and there is nowhere to hide. The performers have no choice but to play fully committed and at high risk in order to satisfy the audience – which makes the pieces vulnerable, visceral and exhilarating.

AT&T Commercial and new State Farm Spot premiere this weekend!

It was a wonderfully busy weekend when it came to the airwaves with the release of two spots. AT&T was just shot a few weeks ago, but State Farm was a bit of a surprise to see as it was shot well over a year ago. I hope you enjoy both!

AT&T TV Commercial — Network Guys – Office from Jennifer DeFilippo on Vimeo.

Margot Rourke and The Boys Club

Jennifer’s beautiful, talented, hilarious, and amazing friend Susan Burke wrote, directed, and starred in this hilarious short about the first female fart comic. Check out Jennifer as she plays a drunk associate professor of feminist theory!

Watch Jennifer in her latest spot for Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt. This marks her second spot opposite the handsome and very kind John Stamos.


Saturday, April 5 at 8pm

It will be the inaugural performance of S’more Stories, Please. I’ll be reading a new essay and will be accompanied by quite the lineup.


T&T Stories

Listen to some great stories at Ed Galvez’s new storytelling show at Lexington in Downtown L.A.

3 performances at the LA Fringe Festival!

Unmoderated: A Reading of Eastsider Comments will be seeing the stage again at the LA Fringe Festival.

We got a wonderful review by Tracey Poleo from Gia On The Move. This should help further entice you.

Saturday 6/8 @ 11pm  Fringe Main Stage

Saturday 6/15 @ 6pm Fringe Main Stage

Thursday 6/27 @ 10pm  Lillian Theatre

For a sneak preview, watch the very beginning of the first reading done at Taix Restaurant in Silver Lake.

Check back here for regular updates!


Wednesday, 5/15 at 9pm!

To say I’m excited to be on the upcoming Modern Family would be an understatement. I can’t wait to share the episode with you, so be sure to tune in! Find the details below.


Sunday, 5/19 at 7pm!

New York, New York!

I’ll be performing in a staged reading of Kevin King’s Ovation Award winning play, The Idea Man, at the 13th Repertory Theatre on Sunday, May 19th at 7pm. The reading will be directed by Rachel Eckerling.

And, here is the link to the Facebook event invite.

The Idea Man by Kevin King

The Idea Man
by Kevin King

About the play:

“Factory worker Al Carson thinks it’s his lucky day. He’d submitted an idea into the suggestion box and won a hundred dollars and a plaque. What he doesn’t know is that his concept could bring the company millions in profits. When engineer Frank Thompson discovers a flaw in Al’s concept, he’s pressured by his corporate bosses to get Al to spill the secret without revealing the true value of his idea. As Frank enters Al’s world of poker games, infidelity and guns, he rediscovers his own roots and the lengths he’ll go to succeed. And Al proves that a foul mouthed, boozing philanderer might also be a genius.”

L.A. Weekly Review of The Idea Man.